The Health & Social Care
Virtual Reality Learning Grant 2024

Welcome to the Health and Social Care VR Learning Grant, brought to you by Care Reality. This grant offers a unique opportunity for organisations in the health and social care sector to access immersive VR learning experiences through our platform, FLO.

About the grant

The Health and Social Care VR Learning Grant provides 12 weeks of free access to our FLO platform, offering a comprehensive library of immersive learning content tailored specifically for the health and social care sector. From clinical observation to infection prevention and control, our VR simulations cover a wide range of essential topics to enhance skills and knowledge.

What the grant offers

• 12 weeks of complimentary access to the FLO learning platform & immersive learning content
• Free Virtual Reality headset provided
• Onboarding assistance and ongoing support from our dedicated team

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Who can apply?

This grant is open to adult social care providers, healthcare providers, further education institutions, third sector organisations, and career engagement sectors supporting the learning and development of health and social care within the United Kingdom and Channel Islands.

Applications are now closed. If you have applied, you will receive an update on your application by 5pm April 12th.

Our Virtual Reality Learning Library

Introduction to Health and Social Care: Explore diverse roles and responsibilities within the sector through immersive storytelling, broadening perspectives beyond traditional healthcare roles.
Clinical Observations and Vital Signs: People in care often require clinical observations, practice taking and recording 'vital signs' such as respiratory rate, heart rate, oxygen saturation, temperature, and blood pressure.
Infection Prevention and Control: Master essential techniques to safeguard against healthcare-associated infections, ensuring safe and hygienic care environments.
Hand Hygiene: Learn and practice correct hand hygiene protocols.

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE): Equip yourself with the knowledge to effectively utilise PPE in various contexts, ensuring personal safety and infection control.
Resident and Patient Placement: Gain insights into optimal placement and positioning of residents and patients within care settings, promoting comfort and safety.
Managing Blood and Bodily Fluid Spillages: Develop skills to respond promptly and effectively to spills, understanding and reducing risks of contamination and ensuring workplace safety.
Equipment and Linen Management: Learn best practices for managing essential equipment and linen resources, maintaining cleanliness and infection control standards.
Environment Management: Acquire techniques for maintaining clean and safe care environments, contributing to overall quality of care delivery.

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Applications open 4th March 2024 - 29th March 2024